Education is a fundamental pillar in our society. It is in this area where we have influence to transform the future and have the opportunity to choose private or public group. The decision depends on us/you and it is imposed by the market and companies or users or public institutions.

We see how the world changes around us and how the Internet and digital media are becoming the main source of distribution of information and knowledge. That is why we believe the fundamental development of free software tool collective ownership that gives us the assurance that they, knowledge and information will not be in the hands of a few, licensed or payment of whom can, but through cooperation and solidarity will be apparent to all mankind.

Raúl Sánchez: “Free software involves unrestricted knowledge thereof, means technological independence and innovation without having to build from scratch. Free software transmits the communicative and participatory spirit that has been the engine of science since its inception and does not mediate the expression of one’s ability licenses, certificates or patents. Should not be considered free software as a goal, but as a starting point towards a much wider sharing of knowledge. In many cases free software is a lesson, not cooperation, but of solidarity. Generosity is integral to the sharing of knowledge not because you have to give up something to give to another; knowledge is disseminated without loss by anyone, even more often I return enriched by the contributions of the recipient or transmitted.

That is why the next version will develop AranLinux EDU , addressed to the field of education and look forward to working in collaboration with students from a school of Bilbao in the  2016-2017 school year.