The domestic version of AranLinux is intended for all users, from our experience with the neighborhood in the workshops of computer skills we have offered in the Baserri Agirre Arangoiti since 2014. According to the needs and uses of our neighbors were provided with our system operating the precise functionality for those goals.

It has two complete office automation tools, LibreOffice and WPS (suite very similar to Microsoft Office to facilitate migration to Linux for those who feel “dependency” by Office of Windows). AranLinux also offers several options for image processing and video editing for everyone  we use the ones you like best as well as media players (and organizers of music) and recorders CD / DVD.

Also installed Kodi , a multimedia entertainment center , personalized with pluggins to watch TV programs and free P2P sharing as aMule ( like eMule ) and qBittorrent , as we demanded our students  “downloading music and movies , see TV and football ”

All these tools and more are available as installed Aranlinux, plus a large compilation of installable tools with just a few clicks through a program of automated installation of additional software after the initial desktop installation. AranLinux offers a free operating system all the tools that any user may need for home use in their daily lives .