AranLinux is an association for the protection and promotion of free software born in the Bilbao, exactly in Arangoiti’s town. Our purposes are dissemination, training, promotion, encouragement and advice of different solutions that free software offers. Our main goal is to bring the citizen free operating systems, primarily based on Linux. We carry out different actions, among which we highlight the creation of a new distribution based on Ubuntu with the main purpose of achieving an agile and easy to use operating system.

Our distributions are based on Ubuntu and are three versions of our BilboLinux operating system. BilboLinux Etxekoa, for the standard citizen, with the most used features and a large compilation of installable tools with just a few clicks. BilboLinux Vista, same system as Etxekoa but with accessibility tools for blind people or people accessing specific accessories. AranLinux, for freelancers, small and medium enterprises, accounting programs available, POS. Currently, we have a fourth version in development, BilboLinux EDU, for the educational environment will offer wide variety of applications, functionalities and tools that facilitate both the work of the student and the teacher.

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