The mood of AranLinux is to grow as an association and get to meet our goals with the most dynamic possible. We are currently seeking individuals and institutions or groups that want to join the team or collaborate in achieving the objectives together. We currently maintain relationships with various training institutes and close to Free Software movement people, but we also need your help and collaboration. There are two main forms of cooperation: joining our work with your time in different activities, workshops and tasks or simply becoming a member or making a donation point equipment. Here we present a list of tasks that we have pending and some of the features you would do for AranLinux.

Collaborates with specific tasks:

Currently we have certain tasks that we could help:

  • Writing blogs for our website.
  • Introduce our project among your colleagues and friends.
  • Being beta-tester of future versions: AranLinux Vista, AranLinux AranLinux Pro and Edu.
  • Translations of texts into English and Basque.
  • Commenting your availability for the delivery of workshops.

Join our team

If you want to collaboration it is continuous and monitor all our actions and take part in decisions. You can join our team. We are currently open to anyone who shares the interests and objectives of AranLinux, but we are especially looking people profile programming.

Become a partner

In short we will enable a form so that you can do Online partner. However, if you want to become a member before we enable the form, please send us an email:

Being a partner means a minimum annual fee of 15 € approved at the last general assembly.

Give us a donative

If you want to make a timely donation click here